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PCO Car Hire In London

At Kuick Cars we can offer you premium car rentals including the latest electric vehicles at affordable prices. Our services are available within London and across the UK. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions and our team will be happy to help you.

Kia fleet

PCO Car Hire

Are you looking to rent a PCO vehicle? First, find out what's included in our PCO car rental service.


  • Free servicing and maintenance

  • MOTs taken care of

  • Fully comprehensive insurance

  • Free road taxing

  • Breakdown included

  • 800 miles a week 

  • Fully Electric Vehicles available



  • One week rent in advance

  • PCO licence

  • Driver's licence

  • Deposit

  • NI number

  • POA utility bill/ bank statement

Let's Delve Into Your Options When It Comes To PCO Rentals

Our vehicles at Kuick Cars are suitable for any purpose, including corporate hire, weekend car hire and rentals for the entertainment industry. In fact, you won't believe some of the stars who've sat behind the wheel of our beautifully presented and maintained luxury vehicles!

Electric Car Charger

Contact the Kuick Cars team to discuss our PCO car hire services.

Phone: 020 8201 3767


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