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Lamborghini Urus

Passengers: 5   |   Luggage: space for 2 lots   |   Transmission: auto   |   Doors: 5


Lamborghini Urus is the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle in the world, merging the soul of a super sports car with the practical functionality of an SUV. Powered by Lamborghini’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the Urus is all about a performance mindset that brings together fun-to-drive and astounding vehicle capabilities. The design, performance, driving dynamics and unbridled emotion flow effortlessly into this visionary realization of authentic Lamborghini DNA.

  • Audio input

  • All-wheel drive

  • Bluetooth

  • USB-C input with wireless charging

  • Heated seats and ventilated seats

  • Soft Close Doors

  • GPS navigation

  • Upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system

  • Keyless entry

  • Bespoke yellow stitching and leathers

  • Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Multi-zone climate system

  • Auto-dimming mirrors

  • Heated steering wheel

  • Blind spot alert with full ADAS package

  • Front seat with adjustable lumbar support and massage options

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